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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our homeowners, investors, tenants, and others we served have to say about Real Property Management Fairmate. And for the infrequent dissatisfied customer, we promise to do our best to quickly make it right.

Homeowners and Property Investors

Ms. Patsy Chan [of Real Property Management Fairmate], has provided the absolute best experience and I absolutely recommend her for your property management needs. For over 2 years she and her team have managed my property, the care and professionalism has really impressed and allowed me to sleep well at night.

Patsy and her team have made marketing the property, collecting the rent, disbursing the payment, tracking the expenses, and responding to issues very manageable, especially considering that I live in Florida. She has consistently ensured that both the renter and I are agreeable with all aspects of the property. As with any property, she and her team have handled the routine aspects and the very unforeseen issues that come along with property management.

The best part is that they’ve done it with the utmost professionalism and delivered exceptional service. I have been fortunate enough to develop a very good relationship with Patsy. If you would like additional information about Patsy you can email me at [email protected]

Matthew Romero
Owner, Mattr Capital

“We owned an eight-unit apartment in Orange County. Due to our busy working schedule, tenant problems, and long distance commute from home to rental, we realized we needed professional help. Through a good friend’s recommendation, we then engaged Patsy Chan, an experienced property management agent to handle our complex. Since then, we didn’t have to worry about our rental any more because Patsy was always available, 7 days a week, with her vast knowledge of the real estate business. We highly recommend Patsy’s professional management services. We appreciated her diplomacy in dealing with tenants, her effectiveness in repairs, her promptness in fixing and renting vacant units and her accuracy in presenting monthly and annual financial reports.”

– Suzanne W.

“A very caring professional agent. Lucky to have Patsy to handle our leasing & management. With her patience, experience, and communication skills, our unit was smoothly leased out to quality tenants. Her smart advice on small renovation led to the best possible rent. Numerous messages communicated regardless of weekends, after hours, or public holidays. Patsy is simply very dedicated to her job. Excellent!!”

– Gregory L.

“RPM took the stress out of owning a rental home. From the renos to getting it rent-ready, Patsy was on top of it. She made sure I didn’t have to do anything and took care of all the details. I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of renting out a home. She always answered all my questions immediately and kept me updated.”

– Elizabeth L.

“Patsy Chan is an excellent realtor. She is knowledgeable, informative, professional, up to date with all the real estate laws, and she is always one step ahead of what I need. She can always be reached and is always pleasant to work with. She rented out my property at the top dollars in a very short period of time. She explains things clearly and is never pushy. My husband said we are very lucky to have her as our agent, and we are sorry that we don’t have more rental properties so that we can work with her all year round. We highly recommend her, and we have been recommending her to our friends.”

– Heng S.

“I signed up with Real Property Management 3 years ago, and couldn’t be more pleased. I had never rented out any property before, and was apprehensive… after all this is our home! An example of their care… last Sunday our renters had a water heater blowout that flooded the lower level. As we do not live near our property, I made one phone call to Real Property Management and they handled it from there… Had a plumber change out the water heater, had the carpet experts on the site, and even contacted our insurance people – all done within 24 hours. If you are thinking of leasing out your property, I don’t know how you could do any better than Real Property Management.”

– John H.
South Dakota

“Perfect! I really appreciate the dialog with Real Property Management. With a recent issue, I’ve seen more effort and had more contact with you all over the past 24 hours than I did with the previous company over the past 3-4 years. Huge peace of mind knowing that our townhouse is being properly managed :-). Thank you!”

– Kristi S.

“We came from another property manager that was a nightmare to deal with. Real Property Management came to the rescue and got our units up to par by coordinating the maintenance as well as getting the units filled with quality tenants. We couldn’t be happier with Real Property Management. If you are thinking of switching property managers, or you are in the market for the first time, Real Property Management is a no-brainer. I know the road of investing in real estate can be a bumpy one at times, but they have made the process smooth sailing for us. Such a breath of fresh air!”

– Amy B.

“My wife and I are very pleased with how you are managing our property. We are considering buying another rental property and will definitely use you as our property manager. Thank you.”

– Joselito G.

“We have found Real Property Management to be responsive, professional, and easy to work with. They have made leasing our house a positive experience.”

– Eric K.


“We just rented a property managed by Real Property Management, and they were all very friendly and made it super easy for us to move in. We went from the application process to signing the lease and moving in all in three days!”

– Todd S.

“Easy to contact. Fast to respond. I trust them.”

– Dan W.

“Real Property Management’s leasing agents are very nice. They answered all my questions professionally and politely. I had so many questions regarding the property and they were very patient in listening to every word I said, and precisely answered all my inquiries. I was really impressed and I will surely recommend their services to all my friends!”

– Paula W.
Washington D.C.

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