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10 Sustainable Living Ideas for Your Arcadia Home

Arcadia Renter Using Eco-Friendly Kitchen ProductsIf you’re seriously looking into making your Arcadia home that strongly supports sustainable living, you’re not alone. Environmental awareness is at an all-time high, causing many to find new means to save and conserve resources, reuse materials, and change consumption habits. These sustainable habits are obtaining prominence worldwide for the positive impact they can have, not only on the environment but in fact, also on individual consumption practices. To get you started, here are ten ideas that you can bring about as a renter to get into a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Avoid single-use items

It sounds manageable, but definitely, avoiding single-use items can be complex and a real challenge most of the time. Plastic straws, paper towels, plastic cutlery, and so on would be examples of things designed to be used once and then tossed away. If you’re just starting, taking down the number of these products you utilize is an appropriate first action!

2. Opt-out of plastic bags

Another prevailing single-use item completely clogging landfills and oceans is plastic shopping bags. Even if recycling your plastic bags is a start, think about ditching the use of plastic thoroughly by putting to use reusable shopping bags as much as you can.

3. Reuse and recycle

Quite a lot of the products we acquire come in containers that could be put to further use or recycled. By way of illustration, repurposed glass jars, boxes, and other items can make really creative and beautiful home décor. And materials such as cardboard, wood, aluminum, and glass can, again and again, be recycled. These are all efficient ways to make your lifestyle more sustainable.

4. Only buy what you need

Added to reusing and recycling, whenever you can, reduce the number of things you use or opt for bulk items with less packaging. If you only buy what you do need and try to opt for containers that take up less space, you can simplify your life and make it more sustainable, too.

5. Make your own cleaning products

Buying cleaning products creates a lot of waste, much of which may not be recyclable or biodegradable. Think of creating your own cleaning products to avoid forming waste (and harsh chemicals, to boot). Plenty of things in your home can be cleaned excellently with simple ingredients and a soft rag.

6. Bring the outdoors in

To brighten and freshen any room, turn to greenery. Houseplants can not only help clean indoor air, but in fact, they additionally add natural beauty to your home equally.

7. Utilize natural light

Another effective way to utilize more sustainable, renewable energy sources is to bring in more natural light into your home. If possible, turn off electric lights and open your blinds and shades to lighten up your home. You’ll save energy and attain a mood boost from the sunlight.

8. Cut down on energy use

Together with turning off lights you are not using, take into account unplugging electrical appliances when they aren’t in use. Televisions, game systems, lamps, and much more continue to use up electricity even when they are in sleep mode or turned off. By merely unplugging them, you can reduce your energy use greatly and maybe save quite a little on your utility bills, too.

9. Adjust your thermostat

A sustainable way to heating and cooling your home is to keep and maintain a consistent temperature indoors. While many people believe they can save a few dollars by only using their furnace or air conditioner when they are home, trying to rapidly heat or cool a house can use up a great deal of energy and put a strain on your HVAC system. In reverse, try setting your thermostat maybe just one or two degrees warmer in the summer or a little cooler in winter and leave it there. This is significantly more efficient and energy-conscious in the long run.

10. Conserve water

In keeping with conserving energy, there are several things you can fulfill to save water. Try turning off the taps while brushing your teeth, soaping up in the shower, or washing dishes. Simply using water-conserving appliances whenever possible, and capture and reuse water whenever you can.


Being a renter doesn’t mean you can’t live a sustainable life. Although it’s a fact that the rental house you are in could make it hassle-free or more burdensome to secure the sustainability you need. If you are ready for a rental home that will better support your chosen and desired lifestyle, reach out to Real Property Management Fairmate or check out our listings online.

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